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Linear Lighting

High performance linear lighting has become the solution of choice for many new commercial lighting projects.  A linear lighting installation offers a high degree of flexibility and configurability in terms of run length, brightness, colour temperature and control system.  A range of profile shapes and finishes also allows the lighting to perfectly complement the design aesthetic of the workspace.

Product List

ImageProduct TitleProduct CodeCCTPowerVoltagePrice
60W 2000mm 60mm Diameter Cylinder Linear LightPLAR-60N20-0060-80404000K60W24V DC
70W 1500mm 50x75mm Direct/Indirect DALI Slim Linear LightPLDI-50D15-5075-80403000K50W240V 50Hz
70W 2000mm 50x75mm Direct/Indirect DALI Slim Linear LightPLDI-50D20-5075-80403000K50W240V 50Hz
50W 1500mm 50x75mm Slim Linear LightPLDN-50D15-5075-80403000K50W240V 50Hz
50W 2000mm 50x75mm Slim Linear LightPLDN-50D20-5075-80403000K50W240V 50Hz
50W 1500mm 50x70mm Slim Linear LightPLDN-50N15-5070-80403000K50W240V 50Hz
80W 2000mm 100x70mm Linear LightPLDN-50N20-10070-80404000K80W240V 50Hz
50W 2000mm 50x50mm Slim Linear LightPLDN-50N20-35050-80404000K50W24V DC
50W 2000mm 35x35mm Micro Linear LightPLDN-50N20-3535-80403000K50W24V DC
50W 2000mm 50x70mm Slim Linear LightPLDN-50N20-5070-80403000K50W240V 50Hz
50W 2000mm 75x32mm Linear LightPLDN-50N20-7532-80404000K50W24V DC
60W 2000mm 44x75mm DALI Low Glare Slim Linear LightPLDN-60D20-4475-80404000K60W240V 50Hz
50W 2000mm 30x30mm Quadrant Linear LightPLDW-50N20-3030-80403000K50W24V DC
48W 2000mm 120x48mm Indirect Linear LightPLII-48N20-12040-80404000K48W240V 50Hz
40W 2000mm 32x85mm Up/Down Linear LightPLUD-40N20-3285-80403000K50W24V DC