LED Tracklights

Tracklights are primarily used for commercial applications to provide a highly flexible lighting solution. By using discrete luminaires which can be positioned anywhere along the track rail, the user can ensure that the investment in lighting is being used in the most effective way.

This is further enhanced by the fact that each tracklight can be rotated and angled up-and-down to direct the light on to specific areas or objects.



LED Quantity



Product List

ImageProduct TitleProduct CodeCCTPowerBeam AngleBrightnessPrice
10W Warm White TracklightPTR-10RD-045N-8030-BL3000K10W451080Lm
10W Natural White TracklightPTR-10RD-045N-8040-BL4000K10W451110Lm
10W Cool White TracklightPTR-10RD-045N-8060-BL6000K10W451190Lm
20W Warm White TracklightPTR-20RD-045N-8030-BL3000K20W452160Lm
20W Natural White TracklightPTR-20RD-045N-8040-BL4000K20W452220Lm
20W Cool White TracklightPTR-20RD-045N-8060-BL6000K20W452380Lm
30W Warm White Mini Flood TracklightPTR-30LN-090N-8030-BL3000K30W906500Lm
30W Cool White Mini Flood TracklightPTR-30LN-090N-8060-BL6000K30W907100Lm
35W Warm White TracklightPTR-35RD-045N-8030-BL3000K35W453250Lm
35W Natural White TracklightPTR-35RD-045N-8040-BL4000K35W453330Lm
60W Warm White Linear TracklightPTR-60LN-090N-8030-BL3000K60W906500Lm
60W Natural White Linear TracklightPTR-60LN-090N-8040-BL4000K60W906600Lm
60W Cool White Linear TracklightPTR-60LN-090N-8060-BL6000K60W907100Lm