Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium profiles normally include a diffuse or clear plastic cover, end caps and fixings as appropriate.


Using profiles can be important for 3 important functions:

1. Heat Management

By installing LED strip directly on the aluminium profile the heat generated by the LED chips can be dissipated effectively to prolong the life of the strip.




Max PCB Width

Product List

ImageProduct TitleProduct CodeWidthHeightMax PCB WidthSupply LengthPrice
15mm x 6mm Flanged Recessed ProfilePPRF-1506PD15mm6mm11mm2m
17mm x 9mm Flanged Recessed ProfilePPRF-1709PC17mm9mm12mm2m
17mm x 9mm Flanged Recessed ProfilePPRF-1709PD17mm9mm12mm2m
17mm x 15mm Flanged Recessed ProfilePPRF-1715PC17mm15mm12mm2m
17mm x 15mm Flanged Recessed ProfilePPRF-1715PD17mm15mm12mm2m
23mm x 9mm Flanged Recessed ProfilePPRF-2309PD23mm9mm20mm2m
35mm x 35mm Flanged Recessed ProfilePPRF-3535PD35mm35mm20mm2m