Constant Voltage Drivers

Constant voltage power supplies as the name suggests, convert a mains 240V 50Hz input voltage to a fixed output voltage. This is normally 12V or 24V DC or less often 5V DC.

These are used to drive constant voltage lighting products which include LED strip, neon flex and LED modules.

There are various options for the type of power supply also known as a driver:

Fixed output with no control over the brightness of the light.


Output Voltage

Output Power


IP Rating

Product List

ImageProduct TitleProduct CodeOutput VoltageOutput PowerDimmingIP RatingPrice
72W 24V Plug AdaptorPCV24-A20N-7224V DC72WNon DimIP20
12W 24V Modular Power SupplyPCV24-M20N-1224V DC12WNon DimIP20
15W 24V Modular Power SupplyPCV24-M20N-1524V DC15WNon DimIP20
24W 24V Modular Power SupplyPCV24-M20N-2424V DC24WNon DimIP20
36W 24V Modular Power SupplyPCV24-M20N-3624V DC36WNon DimIP20
40W 24V Modular Power SupplyPCV24-M20N-4024V DC40WNon DimIP20
60W 24V Modular Power SupplyPCV24-M20N-6024V DC60WNon DimIP20
75W 24V Modular Power SupplyPCV24-M20N-7524V DC75WNon DimIP20
96W 24V Modular Power SupplyPCV24-M20N-9624V DC96WNon DimIP20
40W 24V Aluminium Waterproof Power SupplyPCV24-S67N-4024V DC40WNon DimIP67
60W 24V Aluminium Waterproof Power SupplyPCV24-S67N-6024V DC60WNon DimIP67
100W 24V Aluminium Waterproof Power SupplyPCV24-S67N-10024V DC100WNon DimIP67
150W 24V Aluminium Waterproof Power SupplyPCV24-S67N-15024V DC150WNon DimIP67
200W 24V Aluminium Waterproof Power SupplyPCV24-S67N-20024V DC200WNon DimIP67
300W 24V Aluminium Waterproof Power SupplyPCV24-S67N-30024V DC300WNon DimIP67
100W 24V Open Chassis Power SupplyPCV24-C20N-10024V DC100WNon DimIP20
150W 24V Open Chassis Power SupplyPCV24-C20N-15024V DC150WNon DimIP20
250W 24V Open Chassis Power SupplyPCV24-C20N-25024V DC250WNon DimIP20
300W 24V Open Chassis Power SupplyPCV24-C20N-30024V DC300WNon DimIP20
400W 24V Open Chassis Power SupplyPCV24-C20N-40024V DC400WNon DimIP20
500W 24V Open Chassis Power SupplyPCV24-C20N-50024V DC500WNon DimIP20
600W 24V Open Chassis Power SupplyPCV24-C20N-60024V DC600WNon DimIP20
1000W 24V Open Chassis Power SupplyPCV24-C20N-100024V DC1000WNon DimIP20