Dimming Controllers

LED strip. Neon flex and LED modules can dimmed using a main dimming driver (see Power Supplies) or using a low voltage dimming controller which is connected to the output of the driver. Low voltage dimming control can often work out less costly than mains dimming control.

The types of dimming controllers available include:

Wired Wall Dimmer
The low voltage output from the driver is wired directly to the input of the dimmer which is then connected directly to the LED strip or other LED lighting device.


Suitable Strip

Max Power


Product List

ImageProduct TitleProduct CodeSuitable StripMax PowerInput VoltageControlPrice
Integral Touch DimmerPCS-TD001T-DIM96W
Wifi ControllerPCM-WIFI-1Single Colour, CCT, RGB, RGB+CCT, RGBW-5V (USB)Wifi
Touch Plate Wall DimmerPCG-RMW01-DIMSingle Colour120W12V DC, 24V DCWired
Single Zone Smart Wall DimmerPCM-RMWP1-DIMSingle Colour-12V DC, 24V DCWired
4 Zone Smart Wall DimmerPCM-RMWT1-DIMSingle Colour-2 x AAA BatteryRF 2.4GHz
Interface Controller for White or Single Colour LED StripPCM-RX036-DIMSingle Colour, CCT-12V DC, 24V DCRF 2.4GHz
4 In 1 Smart RGBW LED Interface ControllerPCM-RXLS1Single Colour, CCT, RGB, RGBW-12V DC, 24V DCRF 2.4GHz
Dimmer and CCT Remote ControlPCM-RM07-DIMSingle Colour, CCT-2 x AAA BatteryRF 2.4GHz
Wall holder for hand-held RGB/RGBW RemotePCM-RM099-
4-Channel High Performance AmplifierPCM-AMP-PA4Single Colour, CCT, RGB, RGBW360W12V DC, 24V DCWired
Single Channel DALI Dimming InterfacePCG-DAL-1-01Single Colour120W12V DC, 24V DCDALI
4 Channel DALI Dimming InterfacePCG-DAL-4-01Single Colour, CCT, RGB240W12V DC, 24V DCDALI