LED Flexible Strip

Premium Gold Grade:

Premium Gold grade LED strip is a top quality product using a high grade LED chip and gold contacts on the chip mount.
White strip is available in a wide range of different colour temperatures from vintage warm white (2400K) to cool white (6000K).
More extreme colour temperatures down to 1800K and up to 7000K are available by special order.
Premium Gold Grade strip is available in 3 levels of colour rendering (Ra=80, 90, 95) for applications where the precise reproduction of colour is important such as museums, galleries or in retail.

Gold Grade Tunable White

Product TitleProduct CodeLED QuantityPowerVoltageBrightnessPrice
14.4W 60 LED 24V Ultra Warm White to Cool White StripP5006-144-IP-80246060 LED14.4W24V1014-1150Lm
14.4W 60 LED 24V Very Warm White to Cool White StripP5006-144-IP-80276060 LED14.4W24V1070-1150Lm
17.3W 72 LED 24V Ultra Warm White to Cool white StripP5006-174-IP-80246072 LED17.3W24V-
17.3W 72 LED 24V Very Warm White to Cool white StripP5006-174-IP-80276072 LED17.3W24V-