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LED Modules

There is a wide array of LED modules available designed for different functions, these will include a different number of LEDs in the module, different light output and different beam angles. LED modules are sealed in injection moulded plastic making them totally weatherproof. They are normally supplied in a string of 20 modules which can be cut every module. LED modules are idea for lighting letters or logos on signs or other
applications involving complex shapes.

A summary of the main types are as follows:



LED Quantity



Product List

Product TitleProduct CodeLED QuantityPowerVoltageBrightnessPrice
High Voltage Warm White IP67 Three LED ModulePLM-2803-100-7I-803032.5W240V210Lm
High Voltage Natural White IP67 Three LED ModulePLM-2803-100-7I-804032.5W240V218Lm
High Voltage Cool White IP67 Three LED ModulePLM-2803-100-7I-806032.5W240V230Lm