Our floodlights are designed for commercial use and cover a wide range of lighting requirements from 50W up to 300W for large area illumination.

We also have a range of smaller lights with PIR sensors which are ideal for providing walkway and security lighting.

No Sensor Floodlights

ImageProduct TitleProduct CodeCCTPowerBrightnessPrice
50W Floodlights Non PIRPFL-050-N-80303000K50W4000Lm
50W Floodlights Non PIRPFL-050-N-80404000K50W4000Lm
50W Floodlights Non PIRPFL-050-N-80606000K50W4000Lm
100W Floodlights Non PIRPFL-100-N-80303000K100W8000Lm
100W Floodlights Non PIRPFL-100-N-80404000K100W8000Lm
100W Floodlights Non PIRPFL-100-N-80606000K100W8000Lm
150W Floodlights Non PIRPFL-150-N-80606000K150W15000Lm
200W Floodlights Non PIRPFL-200-N-80606000K200W20000Lm
300W Floodlights Non PIRPFL-300-N-80606000K300W30000Lm

Motion Sensor Product List

ImageProduct TitleProduct CodeCCTPowerBrightnessPrice
20W Floodlights With Motion SensorPFLP-020-N-80606000K20W1600Lm
30W Floodlights With Motion SensorPFLP-030-N-80606000K30W2400Lm
50W Floodlights With Motion SensorPFLP-050-N-80606000K50W4000Lm