Introducing The Perfect Line of Light

The use of ‘Chip on Board’ COB LEDs for flexible LED strip has been bubbling around for some time but not with very convincing results. Finally, creating an LED strip with a continuous band of flexible LEDs has been perfected and is now available to order. By embedding the LED chips directly on the PCB as opposed to using conventional surface mount LED packaging it is possible to achieve a staggering packing density of over 600 LEDs per metre.

This results in a perfect beam of uninterrupted light without the need for mounting the strip behind an opal diffuser. Typical power outputs for the COB LED strip is around 12-18W with an efficiency of 100-120 Lm/W. The strip can be supplied in most colours as well as white, with the standard range of colour temperatures. This new product provides additional choices for lighting designers looking to explore new ideas with creative lighting effects.