Ultra Low Glare Lighting

With any type of lighting, particularly in the workplace, there is always a desire to minimise the discomfort caused by glare or ‘dazzle’ from the lighting. At best glare can be a distraction and an irritation, at worst it can cause discomfort and headaches impacting on personal productivity.

Measuring the glare from a given luminaire is complex and requires luminance readings from different angles and will depend on a number of factors including the the height of the light, the angle from which it is viewed and the level of background lighting.

UGR readings range from 13 to 28 but do not relate directly to a given luminaire as the surrounding lighting levels also have to be taken in to account.

The European standard EN 12464 stipulates that a lighting installation should have a UGR value of 19 in order to provide comfortable lighting in the workplace.

Our stylish linear light with deep recessed discrete LEDs is specifically designed to minimise glare and in the right environment a UGR rating as low as 14 can be achieved.

The light output can be customised to suit specific project requirements ranging from 20W per metre right up to 60W per metre where a very bright environment is called for. The option for an integrated DALI driver also affords centralised control over dimming and function.